1xBet Affiliate Program

To join the 1xbet affiliate program, you need to register an account at partners1xbet.com. Attract traffic to the bookmaker’s website and receive a cash reward of 15-25% of the net profit from attracted players.

What is the 1xPartners affiliate program

What is the 1xPartners affiliate program

1xbet affiliate program is a type of cooperation between a bookmaker and a partner, within which the latter advertises the company’s services and products through its websites, blogging channels, and pages on social networks. The cooperation is carried out according to the RS (Revenue Share) scheme, i.e. deductions of a set percentage of profit from the user’s income. If the player wins, the partner incurs losses, which are determined by the terms of the affiliate program.

The company provides the participants of the program with all the necessary materials:

  • Banners,
  • Affiliate links,
  • Texts for advertising products, etc.

The affiliate receives a percentage of the income of players who came to 1xBet through their ad once a month or more frequently.

1xBet Bonuses

1xBet Bonuses

The company encourages partners who are actively promoting its services and products. They receive individual bonuses, such as additional cash payments. 1xbet may renegotiate the terms of the agreement and increase the profit. You can also expect to receive:

  • Weekly payouts,
  • Personal support and training,
  • Lifetime payment of commissions for invited players.

Even unregistered users can receive advice on this matter. Company employees will respond to all your questions. You just need to email at [email protected].

How does the 1xBet affiliate program work

How does the 1xBet affiliate program work

Users who have registered in the 1xPartners affiliate program are assigned a unique identifier. Players who come to the company’s website using a referral link are automatically assigned to a specific partner. The latter receives a commission from the player’s income.

This is how the affiliate program works:

  • The affiliates place ads on their websites, groups, or blogs,
  • Users register with 1xbet via the referral link,
  • The listed players use the company’s products,
  • The affiliate receives 10-25% of the commission for the referred users.

An affiliate program is one of the simple and effective ways to make money for website keepers and web developers. The average monthly income of an affiliate is at least $700.

How to become a 1xBet partner

1xbet affiliate is an individual or legal entity that is engaged in attracting new players to the company in accordance with the conditions listed out on the 1xPartners.com website. An internet marketer, a webmaster who owns a website, a traffic specialist, a blog administrator, or a social media publisher can become an affiliate. To start making money, you need to take three steps:


Register an account.

Create a profile at partners1xbet.com.


Advertise the company.

Attract new players to the 1xbet website using mailings, landing pages, videos, etc.


Get commissions.

Payments are made regularly based on the results of cooperation.

It does not make any effort to create an affiliate account: you can do it on the bookmaker’s account without performing any special steps. Open your personal account and go to the “Affiliate program” section. It contains information about the features of cooperation with 1xbet.

Agree to the terms of the program and click on the “Participate” button. An affiliate account will be approved only if the profile meets the requirements of the system: you filled out a questionnaire and deposited your account.

How much can I earn with 1xBet Partners

How much can I earn with 1xBet Partners

Affiliates operating under the RS scheme receive from 15% to 25% commission on the income of the referred players. In case of violation of the terms of the agreement, payments can be cut down to 10%, and what is more irrevocably.

1xbet partner does not receive a fixed income: it depends on the bookmaker’s profit received from users who registered on the website using a referral link. New affiliates receive a 20% commission for 3 consecutive months. After this period, it will be 15% with the chance to increase it to 20% and even 25%.

Attention! If the affiliate attracts less than 3 players within 3 months, the 1xbet representative can change the terms of participation in the affiliate program.

Can I become a 1xBet Partner without a website

Can I become a 1xBet Partner without a website

To become a partner of a bookmaker, you don’t necessarily need to have a full-fledged website. You can join the affiliate program being:

  • A webmaster who creates landing pages,
  • YouTuber,
  • An administrator of groups and communities in social networks,
  • A blogger with a huge audience.

To attract users to the 1xbet website, you need to post promos on social network pages and forums, as well as in Telegram, Viber, etc.

How do I advertise 1xBet

First, you need to generate an affiliate link that will be used to track the users’ actions who come to the company’s website through your ad. To create a link, you need to:

  1. Open the “Express Menu” in your personal account,
  2. Click on the “Get partner link” button.

The “SubID” string should be used if you plan to link to different banners on the same website. A “Landing Page” is required in cases when the affiliate wants to bring users not to the main page of 1xbet, but to a specific section on the website: sports events, promotions, bonuses.

One can use dozens of traffic sources to advertise the bookmaker’s services:

  • Forums and social networks,
  • Blogs and landing pages,
  • Surfing services and websites,
  • Video hosting and axle boxes,
  • Clickanders and pop unders,
  • Viral and banner ads,
  • Mailing lists, etc.

To increase the conversion of the target website, it is necessary to post up-to-date information on 1xbet promotions and bonuses. To improve the efficiency of advertising, we recommend you to analyze statistics reports and, if necessary, make adjustments to your work.

You can find all promo materials in the personal account of Partners1xBet. They contain an identifier that binds the listed players to you.

What are the payment methods

What are the payment methods

Affiliate program payouts are made once a week if the payment details have been agreed with the company’s manager, and the earnings have not exceeded the amount of payments, i.e. $30,000.

One can use 200 payment systems in more than 50 countries of the world to make withdrawals: MasterCard, Visa, Skrill, Wallet Jeton, MuchBetter, ecoPayz, Neteller, etc. Available payment methods can be found in the finance management section.


What is a referral link?

This is the link that contains the affiliate ID. It allows you to determine which of the partners brought the player to the company’s website.

Can I advertise 1xbet on several sites at once?

Sure. You can promote the company’s services using any available tools, be it a website, blog, social media group, forum, or messenger channel.

How much can I earn on the affiliate?

Affiliate earnings are unlimited. It all depends on the number of referred players and their activity on the 1xbet website.