1xbet India Betting Rules

In accordance with the terms of this User Agreement, the betting organization 1xbet India accepts wagers on sporting events (hereinafter referred to as events). By placing a wager on the website, the user confirms that they accept all of its terms.


1.1 The Company provides all betting information in good faith. The Company, however, disclaims all responsibility for any mistakes or omissions regarding the participants, odds, outcomes, statistics, dates, hours, locations, or other betting information. The Company shall take all reasonable steps to ensure that markets are administered in a righteous and transparent manner, and it shall reserve the right to correct any obvious errors. The Company retains the right to make the ultimate determination.

1.2 If an Event, which is defined as an organized sports match or event involving two teams or between individuals, commences earlier than the scheduled time then, only bets placed before to the start of the Event will be deemed legitimate (this excludes specified live betting). The Company maintains the right to cancel all bets placed after the actual start time in the event that a Market is not closed or suspended at the appropriate moment (this does not apply to specified live betting).

1.3 If there appears to be a discrepancy between the English and the non-English names used for the events presented on the website, the English version will be utilized as a guide.

1.4  It is the customer’s sole obligation to be aware of the match result and all facts pertaining to the event at all times. It is strongly advised that the consumer check the match’s standing before placing a wager. 

1.5 The Company reserves the right to change these Rules at any time and for any cause. Any such modification will be regarded as legally binding and take effect as soon as it is posted online.

1.6 The customer is aware that the information published on the website may be erroneous or subject to time delays, and that any bets made based on such information are made entirely at the risk of the customer. The Company makes no representations or warranties regarding the reliability, validity, or timeliness of such data, and it disclaims all liability for any loss (direct or indirect) incurred by the customer as a result of any action taken in reliance thereon.

Rules for Suspicious Activity

In the event that suspicious behaviour is confirmed, including employing software to disguise an IP address, opening numerous accounts, or taking advantage of arbitrage opportunities for financial gain, we have the right to suspend, delay, or cancel the user’s bets or deposits.

terms and conditions for gambling

Basic Conditions

Each user of the1xbet website must read the following terms and conditions:

  • The basis for accepting predictions is the sports line, which is a list of upcoming or ongoing events with potential winning odds.
  • After any bet is placed, the line and the list may change, but the terms of that bet’s previous placement don’t change.
  • The maximum sum mentioned in the line cannot be exceeded by the total amount wagered during the day. Bets on the same event are not taken after the maximum has been reached.
  • Bets are deemed invalid if errors occur during the staff’s preparation and dissemination of the materials or if there is a software malfunction.
  • The start times for the listed athletic events are for introduction purposes only. If the date was entered incorrectly and the wager was placed prior to the commencement of the game, this is not a good enough cause to cancel it.
  • Once a person creates a coupon and places a wager on the company’s website, they are unable to change their bet.
  • A player is only permitted to have one game profile. He is not permitted to grant unauthorized individuals access to his account.

Additional Conditions

  • All wagers are computed with odds 1 if a sporting event is delayed and delayed for more than 36 hours from the planned time.
  • All bets are subject to return in the event that the game is moved to the opponent’s field. The wagers are saved if the game is moved to a different city or a neutral field.
  • If multiple individuals or teams are crowned the winners, odds on one of them are calculated at odds of 1.
  • After the game is over, the corporation accepts the outcomes of the events based on reliable information sources and established procedures. 1xbet makes the final decision about the determination of the event’s outcome in the event of any contentious circumstances including inconsistent results in several sources.
  • The official match results are taken into account for calculating bets on the event’s winner. The same holds true for wagers that were impacted by unfavorable weather.
  • All wager money will be returned to users’ accounts if official sources are unable to provide information on the outcome of the event.
  • The Dead Heat rule—which stipulates splitting the profits in the event that several competition winners are selected simultaneously—applies to the calculation of the bet if the game is a draw.
  • The Dead Heat rule is used to determine bets when there is a draw in a first level match.
  • If an outside disturbance causes the event to be interrupted, bets are cancelled. The only exception is when the winner is decided upon using the competition’s formal regulations.
  • If less than 80% of the overs in each inning of a game with a limited number of innings were achieved due to outside circumstances, bets will be reimbursed.
  • If a superset is used to determine the outcome of the match, bets are computed in line with official sources.

Market Settlement

5.1 Markets shall be settled in accordance with either the particular sports rules or the market information.

5.2 Where the Market Information or Specific Sports Rules do not specify how and on what basis a market will be settled (aside from if an amendment is announced within 24 hours of the initial settlement of the relevant market to correct an error in reporting the result), markets will be settled on the official result of the relevant governing body regardless of any subsequent disqualification or amendment to the result.

5.3 If the official verdict of the appropriate regulatory body is not accessible, the decision will be made based on information from other sources. If any new information becomes available to the public after settlement in these circumstances, it must (acting reasonably) decide whether or not to: reinstate the market or reset it in light of the new information; or (ii) decide whether or not to postpone making this decision until more information becomes available. Regardless of whether or not such information may have resulted in a different outcome, any information that becomes publicly available more than 48 hours after a market has been settled will not be taken into account unless it has said that it is waiting for more information.

5.4 1xbet reserves the right to defer the closing of any market for an indefinite period of time until any lingering doubts about a particular outcome or a potential outcome may be satisfactorily addressed. It reserves the right to void any market in the event that the settlement ambiguity cannot be successfully addressed.

Market Resettlement

6.1. Markets normally close shortly following the conclusion of the event at hand. It may settle (or partially settle) some markets as a purely customer service benefit before the final result is declared, or it may increase a client’s “available to bet” balance by the minimum potential wins of that customer on a given market. However, it reserves the right to alter the market’s settlement if: (i) the official result differs from the one on which the market was initially settled (for example, if the relevant governing body modifies a horse race’s result shortly after the race but before it becomes official); or (ii) the market as a whole is ultimately void (for example, in the case of an abandoned event).

6.2. If a market settles erroneously (for instance, due to a human or technical error), it reserves the right to reverse such settlement.

6.3. A customer’s balance may be adjusted to reflect the new market settlement if a market is resettled.

6.4. If a market’s Market Information contains the phrase “All bets stand, run or not” (or a phrase to that effect), all bets on a team or competitor will stand whether the team or competitor starts the event or otherwise participates in it. This is contingent on the ability to void bets in accordance with its terms and conditions or in the event of any Exchange Rules exception.

6.5. When the Market Information does not specify that all bets would stand regardless of participation, customers should refer to the applicable Specific Sports Rules.

6.6. As long as at least one other team or competitor completes the competition, it doesn’t matter whether a team or participant forfeits, withdraws, or gets disqualified after the start of an event. Except for bets on any markets which have been clearly settled, all bets are void if no team or player completes an event after it has started.

6.7. On occasion, it might provide markets that depend on the involvement of a specific opponent. If the competitor indicated in a “Winner with…” market title or in the Market Information decides not to participate in the competition or event, all bets on the market are void. For instance, if there was a tennis market for “Winner with Federer,” then if Federer skipped the match, then all bets on that market would be void. If any other participant opted not to compete, wagers would still remain.

6.8. A team or athlete is deemed to have participated if they contribute in the amount necessary to record an official result or classification (including any disqualification but excluding any “did not start” or comparable classification).

Refusals and Postponements

7.1. Both the Market Information and the Specific Sports Rules list the specific rules that are relevant to certain markets. However, in the absence of any explicit sports regulations or market information governing an abandonment, cancellation, or postponement for a market, the following shall be in effect.

7.2. With the exception of bets on markets that have been unmistakably determined, all wagers on markets for any match, fixture, game, individual event, race, or similar event shall be void if they are not paid within three days of the anticipated completion date.

7.3 With regard to any competition, tournament, or event of a similar nature: If the event is not finished within three days of its scheduled end date, any markets associated with it will be settled in accordance with the official decision of the relevant governing body, provided that this decision is made within 90 days of the event’s scheduled end date. All bets on any market relating to this event, with the exception of bets on markets already irrevocably determined, shall be void if no decision is reached in the next 90 days. If a market is to be terminated but has already been partially settled out of politeness for the customers, all bets on the market shall be void.

Timing Units

8.1 If the duration of an event is changed after the market has loaded but before the event has begun, all bets will be void.

8.2 Some markets discuss how much time will pass until an event happens (such as the first goal’s time). If an incident takes place during the halt or injury time that follows any normal time period, it is deemed to have occurred at the end of the regular time period. In a soccer match, for example, a goal scored in stoppage time will be counted as having occurred in 45 minutes.

8.3 Each wager is valid for the full duration of the corresponding “regular time” period, including stoppage time. Any overtime or shootouts are not included.