1xBet CS-GO In India | The Basics & Top Sport Betting Events

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive is one of the top 3 most popular esports disciplines, so no wonder there is a 1xBet CS-GO betting section. Every year major CS:GO championships attract millions of bettors, and bookmakers expand their betting line. And 1xBet needs no introduction! It is one of the most reliable online bookies. Modern users around the world and in India, in particular, prefer it for sports betting. Read below to learn what CS:GO is, how to place bets on the game, as well as the biggest events to follow.

A Brief History Of CS:GO Betting

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive is a highly popular video game that occupies first positions in eSports charts. However, over 20 years ago, when the first version of the game appeared, no one could have predicted such a success. The first version of Counter-Strike was released on June 19, 1999, and quickly gained popularity among fans of competitive shooters. In 2000, the Valve team joined the development of the game. The version for the current championships is CS 1.6.Over the past 20 years, many different games have been released in the Counter-Strike series: from CS: Condition Zero with a single-player campaign to CS: Source, built on a new engine from Valve. The most modern version of the game is Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. The shooter is constantly updated with new maps. The 1xBet CS-GO betting tournaments include championships with a prize pool sometimes exceeding a million dollars.

How To Bet On Counter-Strike In 1xBet

You can join the 1xBet community and begin betting on CS:GO events in a few minutes. Here’s a quick guide for you:


To begin with, you must register.

The bookmaker provides several ways to get an account. Choose the most convenient format for you: instant registration in one click, through a social network, a mobile number, e-mail.


Immediately after registration, you need to deposit.

Don’t forget that the bookmaker provides a welcome bonus for the first deposit. Click on the “Deposit” button in the upper part of the screen, choose a banking option, and specify the amount you want t cash in.


Next, click on the “Esports” tab right under the “Deposit” button.

Scroll down the list of events and choose any.


Click on the odds and proceed to the betslip to the right.

Specify the bet amount, choose the type of bet, and click “Place a Bet.”

The basic set of 1xBet CS-GO betting rules includes:

  • Bet on the results of the teams participating in the competition. Up to 11 wins. Maximum 21 rounds.
  • The bookmaker calculates all the bets after the end of the confrontation.
  • A single round lasts 2 minutes. Actions performed after this time do not participate in summing up.
  • The minimum bet is $0.10, and the maximum is calculated by the bookmaker separately for each event.

The game is quite complicated for forecasting, so it is necessary to decide on the team and the bet type for each event in advance. A distinctive feature of the 1xBet CS-GO betting is a wide gaming line. The list of proposed events includes championships and tournaments. Moreover, both local and international events are taken into account. Players in India can make a variety of bets thanks to the detailed mural:

  • The match winner;
  • Totals by maps and rounds;
  • Handicap on maps;
  • Bets on odd/even maps;
  • Accurate match score.

In total, the market for each event offers about 50-100 outcomes. It helps bettors to choose the best option while earning money. The 1xBet CS-GO margin is one of the lowest on the Internet, and the odds are high.

What Is CS:GO & How Is The Game Played?

What Is CSGO

CS:GO (Counter-Strike: Global Offensive) is one of the most popular shooters of our time. Its competitive component is simple. 2 teams (terrorists and counter-terrorists) compete in one of five game modes: classic competitive, classic сasual, arms race, demolition, and deathmatch. To win the round, you need to kill the entire enemy team, defuse the bomb, or make sure that the bomb exploded (if you play as terrorists). Players purchase weapons and armor to improve their chances of winning the match.

In official Valve matchmaking, a match consists of 30 rounds. In turn, there are 2 halves of 15 cycles, so the team that wins 16 rounds, wins the whole match. Each round lasts 2 minutes. As soon as the bomb has been planted, a 45-second countdown begins, after which the bomb will explode.

Time becomes an ally of the terrorists in the event of a bomb being planted. Terrorists can hold and wait for counter-terrorists to try to attack.

Reasons To Try CS:GO Betting In 1xBet

Although there are a lot of eSports games, CS:GO occupies a leading position in terms of rates and views. Such popularity is quite justified, as Counter-Strike is a real classic of eSports, and a long time ago, during the WCG, it was recognized as the first eSports discipline. The advantage of the game is that the result depends on the users’ skills. They must demonstrate fast reactions and the ability to play in a team and on their own. It’s essential to note the comfortable conditions of 1xBet CS-GO betting. The bookmaker offers its players:

  • Low margin and high odds for CSGO bets;
  • Quick and hassle-free withdrawal of cash winnings;
  • Huge selection of exclusive sports destinations and markets;
  • A welcome bonus;
  • 24/7 helpdesk support.

So, 1xBet CS-GO fans in India will be able to bet with benefits! The bookmaker offers one of the best lines and patterns in this direction.

Is CS:GO Betting Safe?

Yes, absolutely! 1xBet India is a popular international bookmaker that provides Indian bettors with the opportunity to place bets on the most high-profile events. Beginners who are just choosing a betting company prefer 1xBet due to the popularity and good reputation of the brand. It is worth noting that the bookmaker uses modern methods to protect the data of its users and guarantees fair payouts. In this way, you will enjoy safe 1xBet CS-GO betting.

What Are The Biggest Events For CSGO Betting

Biggest Events For CSGO Betting

CS:GO tournaments are held regularly, and the prize pools are staggering. Let’s mention the most popular of them:

  • Major. It is the most prestigious series of tournaments in the discipline. Its prize fund is $1,000,000. 24 top teams in the world are fighting for this tidbit. It occurs once a year.
  • ESL Pro League. It’s the highest eSports league in CS: GO. Today it is based in four regions: Europe, Asia, North/South America, and Oceania. The tournament takes place once a year, and the prize pool is $750,000.
  • Blast Premier Spring. It is an eSports league that was founded in 2020. It has 2 seasons: spring and autumn, followed by the Global Final. The prize fund is higher than in the Major: $1,375,000.
  • Flashpoint. This league replaced the Esports Championship Series. The prize fund is $1,000,000.

Not every team can take part in these competitions. Only the best of the best are selected. But, thanks to 1xBet CS-GO betting, everyone can make money on matches.

Customer Support

Each client can get qualified and timely assistance from 1xBet support service specialists. You can contact them in several ways:

  • Email for general questions – [email protected];
  • Phone numbers: +44 127 325-69-87, 000 800 919-10-72.

In the upper right corner of the main page, there is a “More” tab. Click on it, and you’ll see several sections, including “Contacts” with email addresses. Scroll down the page to find an electronic form. Enter your data there:

  • First name;
  • Your e-mail;
  • Your message.

You’ll receive detailed explanations for your question in the specified email. You can also use the callback option.


What bets can I place on CS:GO at 1xBet?

You can bet on the bomb being defused, CTs or Ts kills, Method of Round Win. Though, there are dozens of other exciting options.

Is there 1xBet CS-GO Live betting?

Yes, it is! With 1xBet, you’ll get the best live betting experience!

What events are available for 1xBet CS-GO betting?

We suggest all major tournaments and matches with wide-ranging in-play options.