Online Kabaddi Betting at 1xBet

One of the popular sports in India is Kabaddi. A few years ago, no one would have imagined that after such an amount of time this activity would become known all over the world. It will give the opportunity to hold sports competitions and events.

The emergence of competition and level up of popularity of the sport led to increased interest among fans. This has also resulted in the fact that Kabaddi sports betting has also become an integral part of sports life in India. In order to avoid possible problems, especially if you are new to betting, you should take the right approach in choosing a platform and the basics of this kind of activity.  And now you will know about that!

What is kabaddi?

Now you should refresh your knowledge about this sporting tournament. The contact team sport, Kabaddi, is a competition between two teams. Main characteristics: 

Structure 7 people.
The actionTakes place on opposite sides of the field or court.
The main goalTo move to the other team’s side and capture as many players as possible.
Rules Marked players are out of the game, but can be “resurrected” if their team scores or makes a tackle.
VersionsStandard and circular.
Standard On a rectangular field two teams of 7 players. 5 in reserve! The match is divided into two halves of 20 minutes. The halftime break is 5 minutes. The length of the attack is 30 seconds.
Circle Is played on a circular field (court) and can be presented in 4 different forms – Sanjivani kabaddi, Punjab kabaddi, Gamini kabaddi, and Amir kabaddi. Each of the subspecies has its own specific set of rules.

Keep in mind that each region of India has its own unique name. So, for example, in West India you can get into hu-tu-tu competition, in Punjab it is kauddi, and in East India it is hu-do-do.



You should always focus on details such as promotions and bonuses. A favorable offer can help set you up to win bets for the entire sports season. The welcome bonus is the first one that will be given to you. Check out 1xBet’s welcome bonus offer: 

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Kabaddi Betting: How to Get Started in 1xBet

One of the most popular on the world market betting platform is 1xBet. Betting on Kabaddi with 1xBet is very easy. All you have to do is to be ready to place a bet! And, of course, follow the instruction if you are a new user:


Download the mobile app and install it;


Go through the registration process using your phone number, social media, or email;


Verify your personal page.

Now you are a user of the Kabaddi 1xBet. Next, you’ll go through the exciting process of setting up your account and making the technical settings that work best for you.


The developers of 1xBet set themselves the task of using the platform as easy to understand as possible. And a short guide will allow you to do it quickly and easily. Follow some steps:


Open the platform;


Login to your personal account, or if you don’t have one, register;


Make your first deposit;


Choose the online Kabaddi match and the betting option;


Confirm it;


Wait for it to be finished.

There are many options. After a successful win, you can withdraw your earnings by any method available to you.

Kabaddi Betting at 1xBet App

Kabaddi Betting at 1xBet App

Betting through an app is always more convenient. At a minimum, it is always on the screen of your gadget, whether you are at home or on your way to work. In addition to sports betting, the 1xBet Kabaddi app will give you access to factors such as: 

  • Match Center with real-time updates;
  • Tournaments, results, and standings;
  • Latest news;
  • Post-match interviews;
  • Information about all the teams and their participants;
  • Backstage coverage and much more!

With all these technical bonuses, betting will not only be good for your wallet but also exciting!

Kabaddi betting options

On the platform, you will be able to bet on a variety of options for the outcome of the match. Every sports fan will find something unique and interesting. So, the possibilities of betting on Kabaddi: 

  • The number of tokens a particular team can accumulate during a match;
  • Which of the players will get the most points;
  • The total final result of the match and much more! 

That said, it’s important to remember that many of these betting options have a wide range of odds, especially if you like to bet in real-time.

Live Kabaddi Betting

Live Kabaddi Betting

With the increased interest in Kabaddi championships, betting opportunities on the sport are expanding. Live betting is available through mobile devices and computers. It has advantages that make Kabaddi 1xBet a great choice for fans of this type of fun:

  • The ability to watch LIVE broadcasts of the tournaments you are interested in for free;
  • A wide variation of odds during the match ;
  • Bets are placed instantly;
  • Up-to-date statistics that help to successfully predict the outcome and much more!

The main thing is to have access to the Internet and information and the best odds! These factors have a very positive effect on the live betting process.

Kabaddi Betting Odds

As you already know, in Kabaddi everything depends on the odds. The higher this point, the more money you can make on a bet. 1xBet is known internationally for being one of the largest platforms with some of the biggest and most profitable odds in India. In Kabaddi 1xBet betting you can choose:

Outright winnerYou decide which team will win the tournament. You decide on the option to win not between two teams of the match, but all teams in the tournament.
Best RaiderThe basis for picking a winner is to determine the raider who you think will outperform everyone else in the match. 
Top TacklesThe essence is the same as choosing the best raider: determine the favorite among the tackles! 
Team to Score 15 Points in 1st HalfGuess whether your favorite team will score 15 points in the first half. 
OthersDouble Chance, Total Over/Under, Asian Total, Super Total, Handicap, Asian Handicap, Team Result + Total, Even/Odd

Keep an eye on it and don’t miss the chance to make as many amounts as possible. And the wide list of odds will help you with a special choice.

Customer Support

If there are any problems with betting on Kabaddi, users in India can always ask for help. The staff of 1xBet portal will always answer your questions. You can contact it by phone, email, or via handy chat:

Either method of access is free. The answer comes almost at the same moment. However, if the case situation is complex, the processing time may be extended. No appeal goes unheeded, so don’t hesitate to contact the support agents!


Is 1xBet Kabaddi betting legal in India?

Yes, it’s legal. The platform operates under a worldwide legalized license and complies with all the requirements of current gambling laws in India.

Does the platform support rupees?

Yes, deposits and withdrawals in Indian currency are available on the platform.